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Hey nonexistent Fanbase 👋

Time for another unstructured and informal blog post

The last time I wrote something was four months ago. This post is going to be explaining my problem with Impostor syndrome and how to deal with it.

Impostor Syndrome

We all have to deal with impostor syndrome at some point in our careers. The feeling of inadequacy is a harsh reality for most developers especially self-taught developers. I've been working for over a year now and It keeps me up at night. Maybe it's the fact that I have nothing in production yet or maybe it's because it's feels like development of the two web applications I'm currently working on is going really slow. What leads to impostor syndrome is a lot of micro reasons that end up composing as cluster of emotions that are very hard to deal with.

So How do you deal with it ?

Well I'm the last person to ask because it's the reason I haven't blogged or tried to apply to give out talks . But there are certain things I do to help me understand the states of my own abilities.

First. Talk to someone about how you feel. This usually helps because sometime we tend to overthink everything and having someone help you process your own thoughts can help you figure what lead you to feel like a impostor.

Know you own limitations. Yes creating a Twitter look alike sound's like a good idea but it took Twitter years of development and thousands of employees to create that platform. Scale down if you feel like its to much and build at a pace that's not going to drain you.

If you feel like you not smart enough just know everyone feels the same way. Programming takes so much time, effort and passion. Competing with other's is good to a certain degree but once in awhile you should stop and allow yourself to be your own competition.

Lastly. Talk to a senior or go to a meetup and ask the smartest guy you see about how they got to where they are. Stories like that give you a chance to know what other people felt when they were in your position. And having these stories told to you by people at a greater position than you is always very fulfilling.

I hear that but what's about more blog posts

Writing and knowing someone other there in the world will read it feels amazing despite feeling like I'm not in a position to be doing that. And for that reason I will continue writing and sharing my stories and journey to becoming a great programmer. Even though I don't have any following I believe what I write can maybe (JUST MAYBE) inspire or motivate someone to become the best they can be.

I'm just planning to be a relatable programming blogger.

Maybe post a blog every week ? I don't know anything is possible at this point

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Keep on writing Asimthande, your posts are definitely helpful.

Some time ago I wrote a short article you might find useful

Hope you'll like it 🙌

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Junior Developer

This just made me realize how many mistakes I've been making on my articles. Thank you for the amazing advice

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Editor in Chief @appsignal, former Community Manager @Hashnode

You're welcome Asimthande, and no worries, it took me some time too to find out all of these things 😂 We're learning something new every day 🙂

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Yes, you should be telling your story. To help you do that I just unlocked your personal blog on Hashnode. Feel free to use a custom domain and make it truly yours. Settings can be accessed at amajola.hashnode.dev/dashboard

More info on personal blog:



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Junior Developer

Thank you so much Sandeep. I now what a whole platform to express myself. ☺️

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Very interesting

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Just write what you feel like, I didn't know whether I had the confidence to start writing in programming and full stack , and had no idea what kind of reception I would get back but its sure been worth it. I know I didn't expect over 100 followers. As long as you find the confidence to inspire others, you'll get in a pattern of doing it and can also increase your career by writing about your experiences.

Yes, in-poster syndrome, for one thing I have felt it as a Full Stack Developer not just due to my knowledge but personally and traits and luckily enough for me i'm also a unicorn so I absorb information straight away to a degree.

When I write, I try and go for every two weeks roughly depending on the time I have or an experience. I've been writing one recently with the experiences about Ubuntu and different versions of Linux which I'll be posting shortly.

I remember watching Lady Gagas documentary, and even at the end of the documentary she even states to her self, even though shes the queen of pop, she doesn't feel like its real or that she will ever be good enough and i'm sure we all have this to a degree, be confident, know the tech you're talking about and soon enough you'll get followers in no time :)